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The Best of the Must-Have Accessories for Electric Skateboarding 2018

Photo: Daniel Tong

2018 is a huge year for electric skateboarding. Eskaters are only just starting to get their pre-orders and kickstarter backed boards from orders placed last year. Extended batteries are starting to ship, and DIYers have been waiting all winter to get their beasts tip top. Group rides are going to swell as we head into the summer. Before you start tearing up the streets with your brand new electric skateboard, consider this list of premium essentials we put together and live the ESK8 lifestyle!

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Electric Skateboard Dream Quiver Summer/Fall 2017

Not all electric skateboards are created the same, or for the same purposes. Some brands try to capture as much of the market as possible, offering whatever they can get their hands on to make a quick buck, and in turn, quality suffers. Other electric skateboard brands seem to carry a philosophy closer to that of In-n-Out burger: make one thing and make it very, very well.

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