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The Best of the Must-Have Accessories for Electric Skateboarding 2018

Photo: Daniel Tong

2018 is a huge year for electric skateboarding. Eskaters are only just starting to get their pre-orders and kickstarter backed boards from orders placed last year. Extended batteries are starting to ship, and DIYers have been waiting all winter to get their beasts tip top. Group rides are going to swell as we head into the summer. Before you start tearing up the streets with your brand new electric skateboard, consider this list of premium essentials we put together and live the ESK8 lifestyle!

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What is the best helmet for electric skateboarding 2018?

If you plan on riding an electric skateboard that’s capable of speeds of up to 20mph/32kmh, get full head protection. Trust me, you’re going to end up pushing that throttle to the max and still crave more. You can’t predict when the speed wobbles will start. You’ll be on the ground getting road rashed before you can say “Oh shhhi…!”

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What is the best helmet for riding an electric skateboard?

You NEED to wear a helmet when riding an electric skateboard. ALWAYS wear a helmet! You can’t anticipate every single random thing life will throw at you. You can be an experienced skateboarder who has ridden for years without a helmet. Trust us, electric skateboards are different. Your board is not always under your control.

Update 2018: Here are our new picks for the best high-performance electric skateboard helmets

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