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What is the best helmet for riding an electric skateboard?

You NEED to wear a helmet when riding an electric skateboard. ALWAYS wear a helmet! You can’t anticipate every single random thing life will throw at you. You can be an experienced skateboarder who has ridden for years without a helmet. Trust us, electric skateboards are different. Your board is not always under your control.

Update 2018: Here are our new picks for the best high-performance electric skateboard helmets

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Electric skateboard web series: Check out Enertion’s origin story

Enertion has gone from small-time garage project to full-scale production. Watch the first episode of a web series documenting the humble beginnings and rise of Jason Potter’s labor of love. Starting out as a DIY resource for electric skateboard builders, Potter’s expertise has culminated in the production of the Raptor series of esk8 boards, which are set to ship this June 2017.

Electric skateboards ride in the Paris ePrix!

Electric skateboards will have the unique opportunity to participate in the 2017 Paris ePrix around the Invalide. Paris is hosting a stage of the Qatar Airways Paris ePrix, and will open the circuit to Parisians so they can ride the course themselves. Registration was only open to 200 participants and is already filled up, but it’s huge that esk8 will be represented at the ePrix this year. Will definitely be looking forward to more races like these.