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The Best Electric Skateboard You Can Buy on Amazon 2019

We’re tired of seeing top electric skateboard lists that don’t reflect what people are actually riding in the real world. So, we made a list of our own to get your search back on the right track.

The search for the best electric skateboard begins at Amazon. If you look for the “best electric skateboard” on Google, you’ll notice that there are a quite a few websites that list 10 random electric skateboards found on Amazon. Many of them are misleading, up-selling the crappiest electric skateboards in order to fill up their top 10 lists. They’ll give you spec comparisons and BS pros and cons to get you to buy garbage.

For example, there’s a certain electric skateboard brand that makes it to every “best electric skateboard” list. This brand is not even close to making the best electric skateboard, for anyone. The specs look decent, there are built-in lights, a dual hub motor, decent range — sounds pretty good right? However, poor build quality causes many riders to suffer from buyer’s remorse because they thought they were getting the best electric skateboard. The reality is they spent $500 for a cool-looking, under-performing, lets face it — toy.


What makes this ESK8RZ article any different?

Why should you trust us? Simply put, we actually ride. We want to grow the community. The bigger the group ride, the better. We want people to get out of their cars and onto trustworthy light electric vehicles.

We want you to really have the best electric skateboard so that you can ride with us someday. We want you to be a happier person. We go out and carve, all day, everyday, everywhere. Whether it’s doing a solo, soul enriching workday commute, Friday night runs with the Speed Demons (Shout out to #BAESK8!) or partying out on a weekend group ride with your homies, we know a thing or two about the real esk8 scene, and we out here rollin’.

Let’s dig in.

When searching for the best electric skateboard, look inward and figure out what sort of electric skateboarder you are. What sort of needs are you looking to fill? An electric skateboard can be the best when it fits and improves your unique lifestyle. We’ll start with who you are. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

What is your level of board sports experience?

Surfing, snowboarding, kite-boarding, wake boarding, windsurfing, and obviously, skateboarding? Have you experienced the stoke? That excited, euphoric buzz you get when riding one of these things. Well, the stoke is a fairly good indicator of progression in board sports.

If you’re not exactly sure what I’m talking about, you’re a beginner. Welcome! And we hope you’ll be stoked on electric skateboarding. We all have to start somewhere. We’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

How do you intend to use your electric skateboard, and where do you plan to ride?

Let’s say you’re a student at a big university and you need an efficient way to get around campus on a slim budget. The best electric skateboard for you will not be the best for someone who lives in a hilly city like San Francisco, and needs a hill smasher to get to work.

Take in consideration your environment — what are the roads like? Are there a lot of hills in your area? How far is your commute? Are you a speed demon looking to race, or maybe you just need a chill economical way around town?

How much are you willing to spend?

You don’t have to pay premium prices for premium specs. Remember, you’re also paying for quality assurance and customer service. The best isn’t necessarily the most expensive. That being said, just because a board is cheaper in price, doesn’t mean that the build quality is as cheap.

We’ve based our quality assessments on first hand experience and straight from the esk8 community’s valuable input. Electric skateboarding has come a long way from when only fat wallets could afford a quality esk8. The fairly recent wave of affordable China-based brands led by Meepo and Backfire have been engaging with the esk8 community for better quality electric skateboards and helping esk8 become accessible to more people.

Our recommendations

If you’re in the market for a new electric skateboard, you would likely fall into one or more of these general categories. From here, we’ll point you to the best and most appropriate electric skateboard for you.


If you’re curious about electric skateboarding but have never ridden one, you’re in for a treat! A little background with board sports helps tremendously, but isn’t required. In any case, we encourage that you initially try before you buy an electric skateboard to get a feel of what you’re getting into. Coming from a traditional street skate background, I found that learning to brake with the remote was one of the weirdest feelings at first, but it became second nature pretty quickly.

You might be able to find a group ride near you. They’re a bunch of fun-loving people and would be happy to answer any questions you have. You might even get a test ride. Beware though, some of the boards they ride are true beasts. Bring a helmet! Just check out Facebook groups for a scheduled meet-up in your area. Anti-social? Rent an electric skateboard from RentEBoards in a city near you.

Casual Cruisers

If you’re a beginner and looking to get an electric skateboard of your own at a decent price, or if you’re just looking to get a worthy electric skateboard for corner store runs and getting around town, a Teamgee might be the best board for you.

The Teamgee is a chill alternative to consider if you live in a fairly flat neighborhood or maybe a couple miles from the beach. The ultra thin profile gives this board a chill, stylish vibe and has good enough specs to comfortably cruise on a short sunset group ride. The better-than-decent build quality is reasonably priced, and there are also a couple of deck shape options to choose from. The Teamgee is on a longboard format, so probably not the best for portability. If you live in a hilly area, you might want to look elsewhere for a belt-driven alternative. The Teamgee can be the best electric skateboard for beginners to casual cruisers alike.


Students and workers sometimes need to get around big spaces like universities and office parks quickly and efficiently. They don’t want to spend more than they need to, but would prefer a quality product. They want something easy to carry that won’t get in the way. Electric skateboards tend to be built on the longboard format mainly for stability at high speeds, but also make it convenient to mount all the bulky batteries and hardware. The average weight of an electric skateboard is generally about 15 pounds. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re in and out of classrooms or office meetings is lugging a big, dirty, 15-pound electric skateboard. Maneuvering through pedestrian crowds with a longboard is no picnic either.

An electric short board is more agile and easier to pick up and carry in really tight spots. The best electric skateboard you can find on Amazon for university students or people who need to get around large office campuses quickly, is the Meepo Campus. It’s the best value you can get for a board in this class. It’s everything you need to get around efficiently and small enough to easily carry and stow when not in use.


Electric skateboards have become so popular that the market is saturated with all kinds of off-brand and white-labeled hardware. Searching for a quality budget electric skateboard is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles.

So far, the most reputable budget brands that you can find on Amazon are Meepo, WowGo, and Backfire. They’re the most popular budget boards we’ve seen out in the wild and in group rides. Most riders love ‘em, but there are few that hate ‘em. Let’s just say that the odds of you getting a solid build from these brands are a lot higher than from the sea of unheard of brands available on Amazon. And because it’s Amazon, return it if you’re unsatisfied. To distill even further, we think the Backfire G2T is the best budget electric skateboard on Amazon for 2019. We’ve seen riders shred on these, and they can still hang with the rest of the major brands on group rides. Real proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun on an electric skateboard.


If you’re searching for the best bang for your buck in electric skateboards on Amazon, you’ll find that the Exway X1 Pro is the right way to go. Its got premium looks and specs without the super premium price. It’s a little zestier and has decent range comparable to any of the standard range Boosted models. If you’re a seasoned rider and want a performance upgrade from your old budget board, the X1 Pro is definitely a step up in the right direction. It’ll also make a great addition to any esk8 quiver, and for many, a worthy daily driver. You want the best value electric skateboard on Amazon? Get an Exway X1 Pro, they’re dope!


Reliable, portable. The best and coolest way to get to work. If you’re sick of sitting in traffic or relying on unpredictable and crowded public transportation, commuting on an electric skateboard is the best way to start and end your workday. Trust us, it’s a great feeling to surf thru heavy traffic during rush hour and passing all the sad faces stuck in cars. You want something with some decent range to get you there quickly, but you don’t want to lug around a 40-inch longboard when you need to get on a bus or train. A kick tail is almost necessary when maneuvering thru crowded spaces.

The Boosted Mini X is the most fun commuter vehicle ever. It’s short board format and kicktail helps make it easier to get around tight spots. The extended range battery and wide trucks give the Mini X the power, range and stability for the fast, carvy straightaways. The best electric skateboard for any commute is the Boosted Mini X.


Best overall quality and performance. The best of the best. Get a Boosted Stealth. Hands down the best all-around electric skateboard you can buy on Amazon. If you want any better, you’re going to have to go looking somewhere else. If you know you’re going to be in this for the long haul, get a Boosted. They’re great for beginners and seasoned riders alike. I’ve seen people without any experience progress to comfortably cruising in a matter of hours. People with board sport experience usually progress to pro mode by the second week of riding.

The Boosted board is also the most user-friendly of any in this list. They’re quite pricey and for good reason. Boosted really did their homework and made quite an incredible electric skateboard.  If you’re looking for the one electric skateboard brand that has it all, it is the Boosted. Good quality, satisfying performance, and top-notch customer service makes the Boosted Stealth the best premium electric skateboard on Amazon right now. From beginners to seasoned riders alike, the best overall electric skateboard for a lot of riders would be a Boosted Stealth.

Weekend Warrior / Group Rider

Want the most versatile premium electric skateboard around? If you wouldn’t mind spending a bit more, everything you need for fun on- and off-road, you might want to consider any of the Evolve models. Evolve makes some of the coolest electric skateboards on the scene today. You get almost everything with this premium electric skateboard. Plenty of power, speed, versatility, and range to keep up with group rides in style.

You can swap out the urethane wheels for 7-inch pneumatic tires if you feel like playing in the dirt or exploring fire roads and backwood trails. The Evolve GTX and Evolve Carbon GT is the best electric skateboard for the weekend warrior and avid group rider.


Best for beginners and Casual Cruisers: Teamgee
Best for Students: Meepo Campus
Best Budget <$500: Backfire G2 
Best Value: Exway X1 Pro
Best Commuter: Boosted Mini X
Best Premium: Boosted Stealth
Best for Group Rides/ Weekend Warrior: Evolve GTX / Carbon GT

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