The Best of the Must-Have Accessories for Electric Skateboarding 2018

Photo: Daniel Tong

2018 is a huge year for electric skateboarding. Eskaters are only just starting to get their pre-orders and kickstarter backed boards from orders placed last year. Extended batteries are starting to ship, and DIYers have been waiting all winter to get their beasts tip top. Group rides are going to swell as we head into the summer. Before you start tearing up the streets with your brand new electric skateboard, consider this list of premium essentials we put together and live the ESK8 lifestyle!

First and foremost is safety. You’re gonna need a helmet! It’s really up to you, but we seriously recommend wearing one. There’s a ton of options to choose from and there’s practically no excuse not to wear one. If you’re one of the few lucky ones getting their Enertion Raptor 2 this summer, you will want to get a high performance full face helmet like the TSG Pass. Check out our high performance helmet picks for 2018 here. Maybe you caught the Boosted Board sale this Spring and scored a Boosted Dual+ V2 for 20% off. An S1 Lifer helmet, or any one of these, would be well suited for cruising with the squad or the solo stroll patrol.


If you have absolutely no board sport experience of any kind, we highly recommend you get a full set of pads. Wrist guards are crucial in minimizing the risk of breakage since inexperienced riders tend to use their palms to break a fall. Train yourself to break your fall with your elbows and knees. Knee pads are a godsend especially for us older folk, and knee slide escapes are the best and coolest way to bail when it all turns hairy. Elbow pads come in handy to build confidence riding at high speeds. Learn to break falls with your elbows and knees instead of your palms and shoulders. It’s way better to scrape your elbows and knees than it is to risk breaking a wrist or clavicle.

Gloves aren’t really necessary, but something you really wish you had before taking a few spills. Palm cuts are super annoying! Protect your hands. Get the Flatland 3D E-Skate glove!

The world’s first glove designed specifically for electric skateboarding! It’s a bit on the pricey side, but a small price to pay to avoid cuts and bruises. We’ve seen a some eskaters use slide gloves for aggressive maneuvering, and rounding out tight corners at high speeds. Fingerless gloves are also a good option if you want to maintain a feel for the throttle while protecting your hands.

Wear whatever you want! We highly recommend that you pick up some ESK8RZ threads 😉 and represent the community! We also suggest high top sneakers for support and protection. We don’t really recommend running shoes, the thick heel and minimal ankle support will increase the risk of injuring your ankles. We prefer to use flat soled shoes, specifically skate shoes like Vans and Nike SB’s.

Keep a skate tool handy! When you first get your board you’re going to want to make adjustments as you get to know it. You might want to loosen the trucks if you want more carve, or tighten them if you want more stability at higher speeds. You could be a hero on a group ride when another member is in need of some repair. Speaking of group ride hero, bring a multi-outlet power strip with you on group rides!

This one’s a biggie. See and be seen is the unwritten law when it comes to riding the streets at night. Actually, there might be a written law somewhere about being visible at night. Super important! Anyway, get some ShredLights to illuminate your path and see the cracks and bumps hidden in the dark. Be seen with attachable lights and reflective gear. Add some reflective tape to your board and helmet to be clearly visible to others on the road.

Universal Upgrades – Some of us like to push the performance of our electric skateboards right from the start. You can squeeze more performance out of your board by swapping out wheel bearings with faster ones. Or dial in your carving feel by trying out different bushings. If you have a belt driven board, you might be able to swap out the stock size wheels for bigger ones, increasing top speed, or adapt to your rough riding surface with these. Protect your new Boosted V2 Dual + with Flatland 3D Bashguards.

Storage – Get a guitar stand to hold up your board vertically to take up minimal space while charging at home. And get a bag like this one from BrdBag for longer trips away. Protect your board in storage by storing in a hard rifle case. Be creative and mount your board out of the way with cleverly placed hooks.

Maintenance – Power drivers are great for quickly disassembling the board for routine maintenance. Keep extra belts on hand as they tend to break if you have a belt driven esk8. Clean your grip with gummy grip tape cleaner and a brush, or you might even want to change the grip tape for a freshie. A heat gun will come in real handy making the grip tape much easier to remove. Maintain your bearings with this kit from Bones Bearings.