What is the best helmet for electric skateboarding 2018?

If you plan on riding an electric skateboard that’s capable of speeds of up to 20mph/32kmh, get full head protection. Trust me, you’re going to end up pushing that throttle to the max and still crave more. You can’t predict when the speed wobbles will start. You’ll be on the ground getting road rashed before you can say “Oh shhhi…!”

Cars, motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians, other skaters, and eskaters are all traveling at different speeds in all directions. If you live in an urban environment and you like to go fast, get a full face helmet. It will have your head covered from all angles, especially if you ride the city streets like we do. Urban or otherwise, streets are loaded with rocks and debris that can be chucked at your face from passing cars and trucks. It happens.

The only drawback? No one will be able to see your ear to ear grin as you push 20mph.

The best helmets for electric skateboarding are full faced and certified. CPSC for High Impact, ASTM for Multiple Impact. We’ve compiled a list of five full face helmets that look rad and protect your dome, so you can push the throttle to the very limit with confidence. The only drawback? No one will be able to see your ear to ear grin as you push 20mph. Only an eskater would really know that feeling.

Helmets we don’t recommend

We do not recommend motorcycle helmets. They’re way too bulky and not designed for skateboarding. Motorcycle helmets fit super snug around your head which can feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Not a chill feeling for casually cruising around. The angle of view is also very limited, especially in a proper speed tuck. When in a speed tuck on a skateboard, your face is nearly parallel to the ground. The vertical-forward field-of-view in a motorcycle helmet inhibits you from seeing further down the road. They are also quite heavy to hold up with your neck for extended periods of time, and carving won’t be as enjoyable.

We don’t really recommend bike helmets either. Many of them are not ASTM certified for multiple impacts, and not designed for impacts in the back of the head. If you plan on riding in busy urban areas, there’s a high probability that you are going to fall more than once; buying a new bike helmet after every fall can get pricey.

Other options

Downhill skateboard and snowboard helmets, and even certain skiing helmets could protect against serious injury. They’re designed to offer serious protection at serious speeds, and are light enough not to throw a standing body off balance. And of course, traditional skate helmets are great for electric skateboarding. For the best non-full faced options for electric skateboarding, we have our top five standard helmet picks right here.

For the best high performance helmet for electric skateboards, here are this year’s top five picks for full face helmets used by ESK8RZ worldwide!

#5 Triple 8 Racer II

Triple 8 has a really good track record. They’ve been around for quite some time, and their standard helmet, the Triple 8 Gotham is already a staple among esk8 veterans. They even have the great Tony Hawk on the squad. The Triple 8 Racer 2.0 has a classic streamlined look with basic colors to choose from: white, black and red. It’s dual certified and well ventilated. The shatter resistant visor is sure to stop flying debris from wrecking your face. And you can flip up the visor for even better ventilation on warm days. It’s a clean and solid-looking helmet. We’ve seen these showing up in group rides all over,  and they’re getting really popular as electric skateboards get faster and more affordable.

Triple-8 Racer


#4 Predator DH6-X and Predator DH6

Based out of Vancouver, Predator helmets have a full line of helmets built for the air, sea, and skate! The DH6 and the next generation, carbon fiber model, DH6-X are Predator’s high-speed offerings. They both meet CPSC and CE-1078 Certifications. The DH6 comes in a variety of colors but we’ve only found the DH6-X in carbon fiber at the time of writing this article (which looks pretty sick though).

OKP of ESK8FR has been rocking a gold DH6-X in his recent videos. Go out to your local skate shop and you might be able to find a DH6-X. They’re fairly rare in the wild, and we couldn’t find any online. Compared to the DH6, there’s more protection for the jaw bone and the lower-center area at the back where the spine meets the skull.

The one thing that has some riders second guessing the DH6 line is that it only comes in one size that fits: 22.9 inch / 58cm to 24 inch / 61cm. This range should fit a majority of us. The flip up visors are high-impact, injection molded, shatter resistant polycarbonate. Visors come in a variety of colors and can be replaced without tools. The visor on the DH6-X is spherical so viewing is optically correct while the operation of the visor is smooth, precise, tight to shell.

OKP from ESK8FR rockin’ a gold Predator DH6-X with rad style!

#3 Ruroc RG1-DX

The RG1-DX from Ruroc is originally designed for skiing and snowboarding, but made really popular for electric skateboarding by Evolve team riders, most notably, Samo and Socal Legend. We can see why eskaters gravitate to this helmet as a premium choice. First of all, it looks dope! Like something you’d see in a video game. Snowboarders and skiers zoom way past 20mph/32kmh and face similar risks at high speeds. Ruroc is based in the EU and triple certified: EN1077A (EU), EN1078 (EU), ASTM F2040 (US).

Every RG1-DX System comes complete with MagLoc Goggles fitted with a color matched MagLens, and the visor hides an Action Camera Mount suitable for use with major action camera brands. You’d definitely boost the look of your squad on group rides. It’s easy to see why the RG1-DX found a fitting place in electric skateboarding, and I think we’ll see more riders sporting RG1-DXs in the near future.

Evolve ambassador, Socal Legend leading the squad in his Ruroc RG1-DX.

#2 S1 Lifer Fullface

The S1 Lifer helmet line has been around for awhile now. Their latest addition to the line, the S1 Lifer Fullface helmet, has undergone some serious testing. The S1 Lifer Fullface Looks very promising for electric skateboarding, and we’ll be doing a hands on review real soon. But what we can say for now is, “when you buy an S1 Lifer Helmet you are buying the best.” S1 batch tests every production model to make sure the S1 Lifer Helmet meets or exceeds current helmet safety standards. Lifer helmets are dual certified; CPSC for High Impact, ASTM for Multiple Impact. They even have been transparent enough to share videos, comparisons with other helmets, and test results on their site. No other company does this! It’s all about safety with S1. It seems other helmet companies place more emphasis on looking cool, which is great for getting people to actually wear a helmet. S1 manages to successfully merge proven safety with rad style.

S-1 Lifer Full Face

#1 TSG Pass and TSG Pass Carbon

The TSG Pass remains to be the high end choice for many notable electric skateboard riders. It’s fully certified and oozes style for days. The Pass comes in a variety of color options as well as a carbon fiber option, which is quite classy. A horse shoe shaped foam piece on the inside of the chin guard redirects your breath down and out of the helmet to prevent the visor from fogging up. The ventilation system on the Pass is second to none. There are two vents at the front of the chin which lets air in and directs the airflow over the top of the head and out the back. Really nifty on hot days. The Double D ring closure, like the closures found on common motorcycle helmets, are easy to fasten yet feel nice and snug. There’s a tab on one of the rings for easy quick release. The TSG Pass is currently the first choice for ESK8RZ everywhere when it comes to first class protection and style. Check out Tone Touch from Bay Area ESK8 crew rock the TSG Pass Carbon as he tears around San Francisco on his Enertion Raptor 2:

OKP of ESK8FR flying through Paris in his Orange TSG Pass: