Best Everyday Helmet for Your Commute 2018

So you’re looking to get a good helmet to use for electric skateboarding. Good for you and thank you for deciding to wear a helmet. You’ll be praised by the entire e-boarding community!

For those of you still on the fence about wearing a helmet when riding an electric skateboard, we highly recommend you wear one. It’s ultimately a personal choice, and no one can force you. But shit happens all the time, and your life can change in a split second. We have to be prepared for any mishap between destinations. Electric skateboards are motor powered vehicles and are a lot heavier than the wooden planks we’re used to. Even small falls can cause major injuries. Most are connected wirelessly by remote control, and disconnections do happen. Risk of injury increases exponentially when you add cars, motorcycles, cyclists, other LEV operators, and pedestrians to the mix.

You need to wear a helmet every time you step onto an electric skateboard.

You might be thinking that a helmet will make you look like a dork or a kook. It’s fine to feel that way. Keep in mind that the cheaper the helmet is, the more dorky it’ll make you look. Trust us. A lot of first-time riders buy cheap helmets online without physically trying them on. They end up not using the helmet because they feel that it makes them look “weird.” It’s because the helmet does’t fit properly.

Invest in a quality helmet and measure your head according to the size charts. We selected the best-looking certified helmets that you can feel comfortable using everyday without feeling like a dork. But seriously, this is skateboarding! Nobody gives a shit how you look. It’s all about your riding style. And wearing a helmet will give you the confidence and poise to boost your riding style in no time.

High performance riders like to use full face helmets, like the TSG Pass, when pushing the limits of their electric beasts. If you are looking for the best high performance full face helmets for electric skateboarding check them out here.

Many of us are cruisers, carvers, commuters, and soul skaters. We love the feeling of rolling and edging out carves with a bit of throttle. It’s a great way to start the workday, and the perfect way to end it. We need a lightweight helmet that can offer certified protection without being too bulky, and most importantly, it needs to look good. Here’s our top five list of the best certified helmets for commuting and everyday riding.

1. S1 Lifer

“The S1 Lifer Helmet is the safest, best selling, and best fitting certified high impact and multiple impact helmet on the market.” We agree! S1 rigorously batch tests every helmet for quality and safety. On top of that, they come with a set of interchangeable padding for a perfect fit and in turn, look great! The Lifer comes in 6 configurations; The Lifer, Mini Lifer, Mega Lifer, Lifer Visor, Lifer Full-Face and the Retro Lifer. We like Lifer Visor for the extra eye protection from flying debris, especially for busy commutes. If you’re looking for the best all around helmets, check out the S1 and their line of Lifer helmets!

Check out this video from the S1 website of some serious helmet testing.

2. Triple-8 Gotham

Championed by the Boosted community and veterans of the scene, the Triple 8 Gotham is a popular choice for commuters and social riders alike. The helmet sits nicely on the head and comes with extra “Sweatsaver” padding with varying thicknesses, for an exact fit. It also can be adjusted via reflective dial at the rear of the helmet for a precision, custom fit. The grooved EPS foam and vent provide excellent air flow to keep your head cool on hot summer days.


The Gotham also comes in a modern variety of colors including a reflective “Darklight” color, which looks like a dark charcoal color during the day, but gives off a bright reflection when hit with direct light. Perfect for transitioning from all day carving to all night cruising.

3. Thousand

Not only is the Thousand helmet the most stylish of the bunch, but it also comes with an anti-theft guarantee. There’s a pop out section at the rear corner of the helmet intended to lock it up with your bike. Not that that applies to our situation, since we don’t usually carry bike locks with us, but good to know.

We like the Thousand helmet because it meets CPSC and EN1078 standards, and it looks great! The magnetic closure is a nice alternative to the standard buckle, and it’s easy to fasten and release with one hand. Its lightweight, minimalist styling and variety of modern colors accentuates any get up from casual to business all while minimizing risk.

4. Bern Macon

The tried and true Bern Macon helmet is safe, durable and strong. This classic helmet is no stranger to electric skateboarders. They’ve been quite popular in the scene for a while now and for good reason. First of all, the Macon meets safety certification CPSC, EN1077B, EN1078. Second, the Macon looks great! Almost exactly how people usually expect their helmet to fit. It sits comfortably low on the head achieving a more attractive silhouette, yet still maintains proper ventilation and airflow. The Macon is a multi-sport helmet with variety of attractive color options, and can easily be adapted to your risky lifestyle.

5. Sandbox Classic 2.0

The Sandbox Classic 2.0 is our favorite brim helmet. Yes, this is a snowboarding helmet. Sandbox also produces a street model. We chose to show the snow version to prove that Eskaters have brought helmets in from all disciplines to suit their unique riding style. Like the Ruroc RG1-DX, the Classic 2.0 meets CE EN1078 certification for bicycle and skateboards, and can be adapted to fit the season. The low profile hard-core EPS liner is vented for airflow and comes with two sets of sizing fit pads. It comes in a variety of interesting patterns and colors and will look good in any situation.