How to ride an electric skateboard in the rain

The answer? With extreme caution.

The question of whether you can ride an electric skateboard in the rain is simple. Yes, you can. The tricky question is should you. The common sense answer would be, hell no. We don’t recommend riding in the rain for obvious safety reasons. Roads are extremely slippery when wet, especially for certain wheels. We’ve experienced hydroplaning from as little as the morning dew on asphalt.  Accelerating and braking should be done with extreme caution when roads are wet. Painted road signs (“stop” signs or just white painted lines on the asphalt) can be particularly slippery. If you’re a beginner, avoid riding in rain or wet conditions at all costs. More experienced riders might take the chance, but everyone is exposed to the same serious risks.

Another thing to consider is damage to the board. While some boards may be water resistant, they are not waterproof. Repeated or prolonged exposure to wet conditions could effect the electronics or drive system. Board malfunctions can occur and result in serious injury. After riding in wet conditions, electric skateboards should always be wiped down and dried out.

In the end, trust your instincts. Some people have ridden in the rain and ended up just fine. Some have sustained painful injuries or ended up with a wrecked board. As for us? It’s not a chance we would take. On rainy days, we walk it.