Electric Skateboard Dream Quiver Summer/Fall 2017

Not all electric skateboards are created the same, or for the same purposes. Some brands try to capture as much of the market as possible, offering whatever they can get their hands on to make a quick buck, and in turn, quality suffers. Other electric skateboard brands seem to carry a philosophy closer to that of In-n-Out burger: make one thing and make it very, very well.

High-end premium brands like InBoard, Metroboard, Evolve, Enertion, etc. make great boards for almost every occasion. Each of their boards have a unique “personality” when it comes to pairing with a rider. Some really shine in particular situations and suck at others. For example, Enertion’s Raptor 2 will be an attractive buy for speed-thirsty eskaters but lose its appeal for those with shorter commutes through pedestrian-dense urban areas. The Raptor 2 is pretty heavy, just about 25 lbs., and would be a pain to take with you in cramped, crowded spaces like a bus or subway. On the other hand, SoFlow’s Lou 3.0 would be perfectly suited for crowded commutes in urban areas.

What if you’re like me and daydream of waking up to pick any electric skateboard to suit your mood? What if you had a bunch of esk8 spots in mind that you wanted to shred, and had enough cash to build a dream quiver suited to handle any situation?

A quiver is a set of boards, in which each board is very well suited for your riding style within a very specific environment or situation. These high-end electric skateboards are our picks for the 2017 Summer/Fall season.

Our pick for all out speed and performance is the Enertion Raptor2.

The performance focused Raptor2 is Enertion’s latest suspect device. This is a well thought out and engineered esk8 beast built for power, speed, and efficiency. The Raptor2 is the go-to board for high performance stealth speed runs through downtown San Francisco on late nights, and early mornings when the city is empty. Hub motors mean high speed with no belts to fuss with, especially if you plan on doing some heavy duty braking (some drive belts tend to snap when applying regenerative braking too quickly). The Raptor2 is quite heavy at about 25 lbs., but there’s good reason, big powerful hub motors for power and a big battery to give you range. Too bad it’s way too big to bring on a plane.

For an all-around board that oozes style and features a convenient AT conversion capability, we choose the Evolve Bamboo GTX.

Evolve’s latest offering, the super stylish Bamboo GTX would be perfect for casual group rides along the coast or evening rides around town. The eye-catching dual gold motors and technical looking hex laser cut griptape screams all-out style toward spectators and fellow riders. Follow Evolve Ambassadors SoCal Legend and SAMO on YouTube to get the most out of your Evolve eboard and earn some style points along the way. The GTX takes the best features of the Carbon GT, like the bigger battery for range, and Bamboo GT, flexible deck for style, and mashes them together into a delightful, adaptable cruiser. I’d keep the easily convertible All Terrain kit in the car just in case the gang wants to get dirty and hit up some of the fire roads strewn across Big Sur and Big Basin. Just imagine flying through the giant sequoias and redwood trees on a AT speed machine.

For fun all terrain adventures we pick the OneWheel+.

Don’t let the unorthodox single wheel design fool you, the board itself looks awkward and maybe even for some, difficult to ride. But the folks at Future Motion got you covered. They’ve engineered the hell out of the software to give you true intuitive control. So much so that you’ll be up and running in no time at all, especially if you have any experience with any board sport. You will soon come to find that you’ll be taking your OneWheel literally everywhere and forming group rides with other OneWheelers! They’re loads of fun and we highly suggest you try one out! Follow slydogstroh and electric wave  on YouTube to get stoked.

We would need a Mellow Drive booster kit for traveling abroad.

Travel much? Riding an electric skateboard around when traveling abroad is such a fun way to discover new places, and is something entirely unique to experience. On your next trip, take a Mellow drive with you. Mellow claims that you’re allowed to take up to three of Mellow’s waterproof, swappable batteries with you on the plane which would give you a 28 mile or 45 km range depending on rider weight and usage. And the Mellow drive delivers a top speed of 25 mph or 40 km/h to zoom you out of sticky situations. Leave your deck at home and get a new deck at your destination. Consider it a souvenir and a perfect excuse to visit the local skate shop. Follow Mellow’s blog and the Endless Rider on YouTube as they have some travel guides and other valuable esk8 info to give you a fresh perspective on seeing the world. Be Mellow, ditch the tour bus, explore on your own terms, and take it all in.

Our pick for getting us to work on time is Lou 3.0.

For commuting to work and around the campus, the dual drive Lou 3.0 is perfect for the everyday commute. There’s enough battery and performance to get you there right on time, and its compact size (25 inch x 10 inch) and weight (12 lbs) can ensure that it won’t be too much of a burden to carry around, especially when the train or bus gets super crowed at rush hour. Also, you can push around and ride the Lou like a regular skateboard just in case your battery runs out. Carry one in your backpack and seize the day.

Our pick for the everyday rider is the Boosted Dual+.

We think the Boosted Dual+ deserves a mention since it’s been around for quite a while and is perhaps the most popular electric skateboard on the market today. Follow the Tishawn Fahie and the NYC Eboarding Collective on YouTube to see just how popular the Boosted Board has become. We think it has to do with its versatility as a tough light electric vehicle. It’s a fun and reliable commuter solution. Ride the Boosted Board to work and form a group ride on your lunch break. The Loaded bamboo deck offers an energizing, playful feeling, and it’s light enough to carry with you on the train or bus since its limited range might be an issue for some. It has all the power you need to get you through most common urban environments (in the US). Most importantly, there’s also everything else that comes with owning a Boosted Board: excellent customer service and a tight-knit community of riders.

Of course, this is just an example purely based on opinion and you don’t have to take our word for it. Compare the latest high-end electric skateboards available on our comparison page, and give these premium boards a test drive. Save up some extra cash, trade in your petrol-based automobile, and assemble your dream quiver.