Happy Ending: Acton S2 fixed by owner and ready to roll

Update: Acton Blink S2 after just 6 miles. from ElectricSkateboards

In a previous post, we published how an Acton S2 owner experienced a breakdown after just six miles of riding. The rear hub motor fell off, due to a screw coming loose. Luckily he wasn’t hurt, and Acton responded to him saying that they would replace the rear assembly.

Acton responded saying, “Our tech team is working with the customer to get this fixed right away. As a young startup, we definitely have space to improve.” They haven’t yet stated exactly why it happened, but they suspect that it was a “loose screw in the hubmotor.” Reddit users are speculating that it’s an assembly issue.

Yesterday the original poster gave an update on Reddit. Instead of sending the S2 in for repair, he took the initiative to replace the screws himself. “I ended up buying new steel screws from Fastenal, size: M4-0.7×12. Along with these new screws, I added some red Loctite to the threads before screwing the hub motor back on.” Must feel pretty satisfying to complete the repair DIY. He also mentioned that after riding 10 more miles, the board is holding up very well. “This is my first e skateboard and I am in love.”

As for why he decided to do it himself, he just didn’t want to be without it any longer. “I couldn’t bring myself to send the board back to Acton for repairs, after waiting so long for it.” Sounds like love indeed.