Proof of Acton’s poor build quality? Gnarly breakdown after six miles

Photo of an Acton Blink S2 in a sad state

Acton Blink S2 After just 6 miles. from ElectricSkateboards

Today, a Reddit user posted a photo of a sad-looking hub motor wheel hanging from the front truck of an Acton Blink S2. Alpacasosoft, a Reddit user, posted that after six miles, he attempted to ride from the street to the sidewalk via a driveway. “Wheel popped off and Started sliding on the truck right after rolling over the gutter,” he wrote in the comments after someone asked how it happened. “Immediately bailed to prevent further damage.” Definitely the right reaction if your esk8 is compromised in any way.

Things like this do happen. Whether it’s indicative of a poor build quality remains to be seen. Something as important as a board’s hub motor shouldn’t fail this soon, but we also need to let Acton explain why this may have happened.

Good news is the user got a quick response from Acton saying they would replace the rear assembly. There’s always the chance of a board’s components failing — we need to expect it and be prepared. When it does happen, we hope that companies will offer swift assistance to make it right. And make sure it doesn’t happen again.